Our Mission

Intuit Massage and Healing began in the summer of 2016. With wide eyes, big hearts, and talented hands, Cameron Johnston opened Intuit to treat clients with a deeply empathetic approach rooted in a rich physiological understanding.  Intuit M&H focuses on supporting each client and their individual needs. At the core of our practice is a fundamental belief is that you know your body best, but we help you look deeper and feel deeper. We search to treat symptoms at the cause. We catalyze healing through intense work rooted in a deep knowledge of the anatomical body. We reach into our knowledge of kinesiology to discover what the body needs to realize repair, with an understanding that physical trauma comes in all body shapes and body sizes. We're also here for you during those times you may just need a deep exhale and a place to put everything on pause. We are here. We are dependable, and we hold you truly at heart. Happy healing.