At Intuit Healing we have opened our doors to other therapies and providers, in a better attempt to serve our community. Feel free to book directly with any of them below!

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Nicole Superits

Nicole Superits is a manual therapist based in Chicago, IL. Nicole’s innate curiosity of the body’s natural healing abilities led her to pursue the healing arts. After spending years studying energy work modalities, Nicole immersed herself in Chinese Medicine during a Yin Yoga Therapy training in Thailand where she studied to be a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Nicole deepened her awareness of the body and energetics at Zen Shiatsu Chicago to become an AOBTA Certified Clinical Shiatsu Therapist. Shiatsu, a style of Asian bodywork rooted in Chinese Medicine, benefits the musculoskeletal system, internal organ function, and mental-emotional health. This form of touch therapy treats a range of conditions including chronic pain, functional illness, anxiety/depression, and more.

After completing the certification program, Nicole attended the Shiatsu Postgraduate program where she expanded her ability to treat chronic and degenerative conditions including autoimmune diseases, post-traumatic stress disorders, and emotional imbalances.

Nicole combines her rich knowledge of the body, Asian bodywork techniques, Chinese Medicine principles, and energy work to offer a unique form of bodywork therapy that is gentle and passive, yet potently moving. Nicole meets each client where they are at on their healing journey and works to empower clients to be active in their healing journey to sustain vitality.