Her diagnostic and healing skills are well developed and amazingly intuitive, and whenever I get the opportunity to see her, I grab it!

What others       have to say...

Cameron is an amazing resource for those looking for to put their bodies back in good working order; I highly recommend her work to you and to all.
Cameron brings intuition and empathy to a base of technical skills. She is an extraordinary professional; I depend on her.
I’m a regular for a reason!
Since I started going to Cameron, I have referred countless people to her including family members; I actually carry around a stack of her business cards and hand them out whenever I can because that’s how much I believe in her abilities.
I have been going to Cameron for 5 years for varying types of massage work. I started going to Cameron back when I was running the Chicago Marathon for what I thought was knee pain. Cameron quickly understood with me that it was more about another issue I had and helped me correct it. That’s the kind of support you can expect from her – she understands the human body so well and made me a repeat client right away.
I’ve been a client of Cameron’s for some time now, and am amazed at her massage skills. I’ve struggled with shoulder issues, and Cameron was able to address it almost instantly.