For your first visit to Intuit Massage and Healing please arrive 10-15 min before your scheduled appointment to fill out paper work. We are located at Essential Acupuncture Chicago

Customized Massage Therapy

Each massage session is custom designed to meet each clients individual needs. Massage may vary from relaxation all the way to thai table work. 

60 min - $100 /  90 min - $125

Pre & Post Natal Massage Therapy

Massage therapy designed to support new mothers and mothers to be.

60 min - $105  /  90min - $130

Energy Work

Utilizing Reiki and Craniosacral work to realign mind, body, and spirit with compassion . 

40 min -$50 / 60 min - $70

Energy Massage

With the use of Reiki as well as Massage therapy this services identifies all of the negative + stagnant energy and pulls it out of the body! 

90 min - $145 / 120min - $175

*energy work takes extensive training and is a very gentle form of healing- please if you have any questions about this service feel free to email *

Gratuity is cash only